Progressive Barge Line, Inc. has been specializing in shipside bunkers in the Lower Mississippi River since 1977. As the market changed we diversified and added a 50,000 bbl tow to our fleet and moved into the line haul industry in 1998. 
We now have 4 push boats and 6 barges ranging from 11,000 -25,000 bbls in our bunkering service as well as 2 push boats with two 60,000 bbl heated and vapor recovery tows and 1 push boat with a 50,000 bbl heated and vapor recovery tow in line haul work.
We have now expanded our areas of operation for line haul from Corpus Christi to Mobile, not further north in the Mississippi River as Baton Rouge.
We still strive to provide the best quality service to our customers 36 years later!
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